top 30 best whatsapp status for mobile latest 2016

best whatsapp status

the WhatsApp status of your’s doesn’t need to be as “buzy” & “available”& “in a meeting” always etc.there should be change in the status on the regular basis. so for that purpose, I have collected a huge number of some very good and  best whatsapp status,  these cheeky quotes that you and your contact list friends are going to love will love to read. these are the best whatsapp status available any where . so you should keep a good eye on this post !

now its all up on you to Pick the best whatsapp status as your status for today and enjoy 🙂


top 30 best whatsapp status for mobile latest 2016

  • please take my advice, currently i am not using it 😛
  • the dog barks, the carwaan moves on 😛
  • well here i am 🙂 so what are other two wishes of your ?
  • have you ever stop to thing something ? and then forget to start again ?
  • a dog has an owner ,, but a cat has a staff of her 😛
  • what ??? you are here, the who is running hell ?
  • you dont need to be dancer to do dance 😛
  • there are always three sides of every thing, my side, then your side, and the last is right side 😛
  • some people call me mike, but you can call me tonight 😛 😛
  • you are able to do any thing, but you can not do every thing 🙂



top 30 best whatsapp status for mobile latest 2016



  • i prefer talking myself, because i like the people of better class 🙂
  • there is only one way to look thin, do friendship with fat guyz 😛
  • i am 100% sure, my prayers directly go to GOD’S spam folder 😛
  • you are beautiful until your Photoshop 30 days trail ended 😛
  • a FINE is a tax, that is for doing wrong, but, A TAX is a FINE for doing right 😛
  • Try to Do what is “right” not what is “easy”  😛
  • sometimes you just need some space, nothing else 😛
  • my mother is the best travel agent of guilt trips 🙂
  • time does not exist any where ,, only thing that exist is clock 😛
  • i am not lazy,, i am wise, because i always rest before i get tiered 😛



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Life is all about the realities of you life 🙂

  • i as week as i am strong 🙂
  • dont call me your enemy, when you are not my friend 😛
  • i will search for a queen, but only after when i will become a king 🙂
  • the most beautiful things in your life are not the things 😛
  • one who owns the debt, he owns the asset 🙂
  • the moment you call it a day, you should think about tomorrow 🙂
  • sorry, i am out of mind, i’ll be back in five minutes 😛
  • according to my thinking, sex is better than logic, i can prove it 😛
  • if at first, you did not succeed, then at least try to destroy every evidence that you have tried 😛



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