top 24 funny whatsapp status short one line quotes 2017

funny whatsapp status

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top 24 funny whatsapp status short one line quotes 2017

  • M friend said ,how is your life ?? i said she is ok 😛
  • Love does not visible on an Xray, but it is surely there 😛
  • I am also single ” Because i can not found someone ” She deserve me.
  • If nobody can not love.Then confirm you are doing something wrong.
  • All mans in the world are not fool,some are single.
  • I am not lost,my success is lost
  • Some People use their mouth instead of their mind.
  • Think about Now,not think about tomorrow.
  • My 1st name word and you last name word,together make good sound.
  • I only love my self,because i am special.





top 24 funny whatsapp status short one line quotes 2017


  • Silence is a golden things.
  • You are jealous,Because she talk to me.
  • If some people talking behind your back,then you just fart.
  • Do not kiss behind the garden,”Because your love is blind but your neighbors is not”.
  • Your last messages i cant see because my phone was drunk.
  • When i miss someone special then i read our conversation and laugh like an idiot.
  • I am not failed,Because my success is just postponed.
  • Everyday is a new chance.
  • Save water drink beer.
  • Some time i talk tomyself because i like dealing great class of people



top 24 funny whatsapp status short one line quotes. 2017

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