Latest cool whatsapp status 2016

cool whatsapp status

today i am going to share with you best cool whats app status of 2016 ,in this post you are going to get best available cool whatsapp status on internet,in these cool whatsapp status post, you are going to get every thing you want to get of this topic.
we know that you are very special and different from others so why hide it from others just send them these Cool WhatsApp status and show your uniqueness.

latest cool whatsapp status 2016

  • time is so precious, so please waste it wisely,
  • in my life, i dont let any one to take decision for me !
  • be mine, or die 😛
  • one who has only money, is the biggest poor !
  • i bet, you can never forget me !
  • the dreams are those, which you see with open eyez 🙂
  • people with status.. Don’t need status 🙂
  • train your mind to see good in every thing
  • form is temporary, class is permanent
  • mistakes are the biggest proof that you are going to get success 🙂



Latest cool whatsapp status 2016



  • If you are not able to convince them, then confuse them !!
  • I AM jealous my FATHER,because I WILl never have a child As cool as theirs 🙂
  • my father has lucky, because they have me 😛
  • in “success” every thing is depended on the 2nd letter 🙂
  • every problem comes with the solution, but my gf don;t 😀
  • who care 😛 no one is watching !!
  • before you advise me, make sure you are perfect 😛
  • i am so cool even ice cream is jealous of me 😛
  • if you have nothing, thats cool, because you have nothing to loose 😛



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