Best whatsapp status for love

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Today I am going to Share with you a great amount of Love Status .All Whatsapp user are keen to change their status at regular time interval .and by changing your status to whatsapp love status you can make your loved one realize that
how much love you have for them.AND Today I am going to share a best Whatsapp status in english and Hindi whatsapp status with you like etc.Whatsapp is the application which is used by the world to share sudden photos Videos and messages with friends.

best whatsapp status for love

  • HE love the death, she love the life, he lived for her, for him she died
  • i love vitamin “U”
  • “I AM aLL YOurZ”
  • “to be single is what i love”
  • i need only you in my life “
  • i only said love my beats for you :/
  • there is no measurement of true love
  • There’s only ONE thing TWO do THREE words FOUR you – I Love You.
  • every love story is cute, but mine is best 🙂
  • no, you got it wrong, its all about her heart 🙂
  • life is not about hate, life is all about love
  • life is toooooo small to cry on it………

best whatsapp status for love


  • could you please borrow me a kiss, i swear i’ll give it back.
  • true love have no fear.
  • if you try to listen you can feel love in nature !
  • man in true love is not complete until he is married to her love. after That he’s dies :p
  • love is like cool breeze we can not touch it, but we can feel it !
  • i will always be your’z  dsn’t matter what happens next.
  • the bad news is “time flies” & the good news is you are pilot 🙂
  • never laugh at your lovers choice, you are also one of it 😛
  • true love never have happy ending, it has no ending !
  • every single minute i spent with you is my favorite.

best whatsapp status for love 2

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