Best ever whatsapp status in english one liner quotes

whatsapp status in english

every one now days is looking for whatsapp status, but some of those can find best whatsapp status of their need, but today we have collected a big amount of one lier best whatsapp status.

The WhatsApp status of your’s doesn’t need to be as “buzy” & “available”& “in a meeting” always etc.there should be change in the status on the regular basis. so for that purpose, I have collected a huge number of some very good and  best whatsapp status,  these cheeky quotes that you and your contact list friends are going to love will love to read. these are the best whatsapp status available any where . so you should keep a good eye on this post !

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Best ever whatsapp status in english one liner quotes


  • guys, you should pray that your daughter don’t run into a boy like you !
  • hearts are wild creature, that’s why our ribs are cages 🙂
  • there are bits and pieces of you, scattered in every book you read 🙂
  • just remember who was by your side, when everybody else left 🙂
  • they only treat you how they feel about themselves !
  • my tears explain the words i fail to speak 🙂
  • nothing is better than a broken heart, than writing what is whit in it 🙂
  • i love when someone remember something i told them a long time ago !
  • it hurts every day, the absence of someone, who was once there !
  • overthinking will destroy your mood , breathe and let go !



Best ever wahtsapp status in english one liner quotes



  • i hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive 🙂
  • true love i not found, it is build 🙂
  • we all starts as stranger 🙂
  • if your dreams were stars i would empty the sky for you 🙂
  • two damaged people try to heal each other is love 🙂
  • i love hearing this, ” i saw this and thought about you ” 😛
  • rule #1 is never be #2 😛
  • every word sound beautiful when you say it 🙂
  • people are more like what they hide, than what they show 🙂
  • how he treats you is how he feels about you 🙂


Best ever wahtsapp status in english one liner quotes 2



  • i give, because i know how it feels to want 🙂
  • i miss the old happy me 🙂
  • i laugh with the heavy heart 🙂
  • People die with the poisonous words more often than with the snake bites 🙂
  • she is every thing even when she is treated like nothing 🙂
  • count your blessings not your problems !
  • i don’t claim to be any thing but a human 🙂
  • find a way to meet your soul 🙂
  • pain makes you stronger 🙂
  • a person’s action will tell every thing you want to know 🙂

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