amazing 30 funny whatsApp status, one liner attitude quotes

funny whatsApp status

ONE ONE-liner a day keeps the haters away, so here is the list of best funny attitude whatsapp status, for you, so don’t be late, have a look at this post and change your whatsapp status to new one 🙂


amazing 30 funny whatsApp status, one liner attitude quotes



  • sex is not the answer,, this is the question and the answer is “yes”
  • the last thing i would like to do is to hurt you , but believe me its still on the list 🙂
  • we are living in that kind of society where the pizza boy comes to your home faster than the police 😛
  • if the time comes that i will have to agree with you, believe me, we both will be wrong 😛
  • its wrong that we grow up, no, ” we only learn that how to react int he public ” 🙂
  • my mother never ever hesitate to call me “son of a bitch ” 😛
  • if sex is pain in the ass, then you are doing it wrong 😛
  • to steal an idea from one person is called the “plagiarism”, but to do it from many of the people is called research 😛
  • good girls are actually bad girls 😛 because they never get caught 😛
  • try to laugh at your own problems like every one else do 😛


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funny whatsapp status latest



  • EVERY Thing is fine, but nobody is happy 🙂
  • it all comes down to the last person you last thing at night, that’s where your heart is 🙂
  • how he treats you is how he feels about you 🙂
  • i laugh with the heavy heart 🙂
  • sometimes your heart feels so empty 🙂
  • life will give you 1000 ways to die, find the 1 to live for 🙂
  • if it comes, let it ! if it goes, let it !!
  • follow your heart but take your brain with you 😛
  • we all are little broken, and that’s OK 🙂
  • i hate that, i am still hoping. 🙂



amazing 30 funny whatsApp status, one liner attitude quotes



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  • you are my favorite reason to lose sleep 🙂
  • and here you are living , despite ALL :p
  • some walks you have to take alone 🙂
  • every one has three lives, personal life, public life, and secret life 🙂
  • every thing you have ever wanted is surely other side of the fear 🙂
  • stranger are the best people to talk, they don;t judge 🙂
  • every thing is strange,life , people !
  • and into the forest , i go, to lose my mind, but there i found my soul 🙂
  • in the words : the thing you hide in your heart, eats you alive 🙂
  • Don’t let any one thing, be your every thing 🙂



amazing 30 funny whatsApp status, one liner attitude quotes 2



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